Preliminary Programme

We are delighted to announce the preliminary programme of our conference. Beside of three Keynote Lectures by Will Straw (Montreal), Susana Zapke (Vienna) and Martin Cloonan (Turku), Groove the City will offer many exciting panels and some special conference events. The conference will be held at Campus Rotes Feld, Leuphana University of Lüneburg.

Friday, 23rd of November 2018

From 12.30h 1st Floor Arrival and Registration
14:00-14:30h HS 3 Welcome Speaches
14:30-15:30h HS 3 Plenary Session/ Keynote:

Will Straw (Montreal): Urban Music as Policy Object.

15.30 – 16.00h W 103/104

Coffee Break

16.00 – 17.00h

Parallel Sessions  I

HS 3 (Top-Down I) Policy,  Planning and  Urban Development

Adrian Debattista (Valletta): Mobilising alternative capital in an emergent music sector: The case of live music promoters in Malta.

Séverin Guillard (Paris): From Urban Imaginaries to Urban Development: The Impact of Rap Music on the Image of two American Cities.

W 201 The Importance and Meaning of Venues

Dahlia Borsche (Berlin): The Distinctive Role of Venues for contemporary Noise Music Cultures in Berlin.

Robin Kuchar (Lüneburg): The Meaning of Symbolic Value for Underground Music Venues.


Parallel Sessions II

HS 3 Networks and Hegemonies in Past and Present

Nancy Bruseker (Liverpool): How to get there from here: Reconstructing Networks of 19th Century Pop Music Performance.

Utku Ögüt (Berlin): Constructing a new Sound for Bosphorus: From Nostalgia to Neo-Conservative Cultural Hegemony.

W 201 Mapping and Meaning of Soundscapes

Angela Fiore & Sara Belotti (Modena): Mapping the Este Court: Urban Soundscapes of a Ducal City (XVII cent.)

Luciana Ferreira Moura Mendonca (Pernambuco): Soundscapes, Scenes and (Con)tradi(c)tions: Music and Public Action in Recife.

19.30-22.30h Stint/ Trattoria de Flaviis Conference Dinner

An atmospheric Night with 3 Course Menu & Wine at the Historic Harbour.


Saturday, 24th of November 2018

9.00  – 10.30h

Parallel Sessions III

HS 3 Cultural Policies and local Music

Kayla Rush (Belfast): Researching Formalized Rock Music Education in Mid-Sized Cities.

Samuel Nicholls & Paul Thompson (Leeds): Music Leeds – Developing a Vision, Creating an Infrastructure to support and promote Music in Leeds.

Eileen Hogan (Cork): Music-Making, Well-Being, and Cultural Policy in a small Irish City.

W 201 Assemble and Build: Hip-Hop Archives and New Civic Identities

Mark Campbell (Toronto): Toronto Stand up! From T-Dot to the 6ix, or Not: The Role of Archiving HipHop in remapping Toronto’s Identity.

Murray Forman (Boston): ‘To Promote and Preserve the Culture’: Hip-Hop in and as Urban Institution.

Pacey Foster (Boston): Public Partners and Community Curators: Lessons from Building the Massachusetts Hip Hop Archive.

10.30 – 11.00h W 103/104

Coffee break

11.00 – 12.30h

Parallel Sessions IV

HS 3 Queer, Gender, and Anti-Racist Engagement

Pam Burnard & Tyler Denmead (Cambridge): What we can learn from Feminist Engagements with and Cultural Studies Analysis of Sonic Materiality: an Exemplification of two Urban Scenes.

Natalia Bieletto Bueno (Santiago de Chile): The Aural Urban Experience and Subjective Formations: An Assessment of Theories and Methodologies Through a Comparative Hearing of Mexico City and Santiago de Chile.

Rosa Reitsamer (Vienna): ‘Not singing in Tune’: Feminist-Queer and Anti-racist Approaches to Music and Place in Vienna.

W 201 Collective Action & Cummuity Building

Sam Murray (Middlesbrough): Productive Proaction: Three Case Studies in Grassroots Music Policymaking.

Piet C.A. Severijnen (Nijmegen): The Communicative Function of Music in Processes of Citizen’s Participation.

Jordan Zalis (St. John´s): ‘This that new Toronto”: on Basketball, Music, Community Building, and Drake.

12.30 – 13.30h W 103/104


13.30 – 14.30h HS 3 Plenary Session/ Keynote:

Susana Zapke (Vienna): The City as Text, the City as melodic Imaginarium.

14.45 – 16.15h

Parallell Sessions  V 

HS 3 The Construction of Place and the Music Market

Aoife Kavanagh (Maynooth): Making Music and Making Place: Mapping Musical Practice in Ireland’s Small Towns.

Ana Oliveira (Lisbon): Do It Together Again: Networks, Flows and Spaces in the Construction of Music Careers in the Portuguese Indie Scene.

Matthias Rauch (Mannheim): Understanding the musical Logic of Mannheim: an Analysis of Policies, Structures and Musical Ecosystems and their effects on Urban Development.

W 201 The (In-)formality of Street Music

Jhessica Reia (Rio de Janeiro): Street Music, Informality, and the Right to the City: A Transnational Perspective.

Melanie Ptatscheck (Lüneburg): ‘Busker’s Philosophy’ – Urban Stages and Street Musicians in Los Angeles.

Alenka Barber-Kersovan (Lüneburg): Busk the City. Regulation and Festivalisation of Street Music.

16.15 – 16.45h W 103/104

Coffee break

16.45 – 18.15h

Parallel Sessions VI

HS 3 Power and Politics

Pete Dale (Manchester): Remember the Riots in 1991?: ‘New Monkey’ in Newcastle upon Tyne and the Folk Memory of Public Disorder.

Lisa Gaupp (Lüneburg): Urban Music Festivals and Politics of Diversity.

Safa Canalp (Berlin): Towards a Notion of Subcultural Transfer – Part 4: The thin Line Between Co-optation and Collaboration.

W 201 Affective Scenes

Sebastian Matthias (Berlin): Groove me – Choreographic Groove and the City.

Pranoo Deshraju (Hyderabad): Sex and Sound in Bombay City: Aural Pleasure and Anxiety in Filmi Disco.

Eduardo de la Fuente & Michael Walsh (Canberra): Sonic Textures: Listening Practices and the ‘Framing’ of Urban Experience.

18.30 – 21.00h Pavillion

Campus Rotes Feld

tbc.: Concert and Artist Talk ‘Session Board’

Refugee-Musician-Tandems and the Transition of Musics and Sounds. Meanwhile: Get-Together, Drinks & Fingerfood.


Sunday, 25th November 2018

  9.00 – 10.30h

Parallel Sessions VII

HS 3 Social Engagement & Cultural Hegemony

Pete Dale (Manchester) & Pam Burnard (Cambridge): Urban Musics as culturally and socially engaged Practices theorised.

Volker Kirchberg and Leonie Seibel (Lüneburg): The emerging Urban Significance of Contemporary Chamber and New Music Orchestras.

Sigrún Lilja Einarsdóttir (Bifröst): The City of the Dreaming Spires: Cultural Hegemony, Social Diversity and Elitism in the Oxford Collegiate Choral Context.

W 201 Scenes & Sceneography

Kwende Kefentse (London): Scenography: A Methodology for the spatial Analysis of Music Scenes, and a Window into their Value.

Luiz Alberto Moura (Lisbon): Passion, Demos and Tapes:  A Cartography of the Portuguese Indie Labels and Musical Scenes (1977-2017).

Paula Guerra (Porto): Lost in the Néons of a ‘New City’: the Relations between the City and Music in Portugal from the Eighties to the Present.

10.30 – 11.00h

Coffee break

11.00-12.00h HS 3 Plenary Session/ Keynote:

Martin Cloonan (Turku): Some Reflections in Being on a Scene.


Parallel Sessions VIII

HS 3 The Global vs. the Local in urban Contexts

Michael Kahr (Graz): Jazz & the City: Local Music in Global Context.

Elina Djebbari (London): Dancing Salsa in Africa, Connecting the City: Comparative Views from Accra (Ghana) and Cotonou (Benin).

Iryna Paliy (Kharkiv): The Principles of “Global Village” in the musicological Field.

W 201 Sonic Materialities & Urban Rituals

Dennis Büscher-Ulbrich (Kiel): Surplus Trap: Towards a Materialist Analysis of Trap Music.

Giacomo Botta (Helsinki): Dancing in the Dark: Urban Nights and Popular Music.

Marek Jeziński (Torùn): Rituals that groove the City: Music Festivals as the Urban Phenomenon.




HS 3

W 201


Closing Remarks & Goodbye

Urban Music Studies Network Meeting

Conference Feedback & Discussion of Next Steps.


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Please note that there might be changes in scheduling as this is not the final Conference Programme yet!