by R. Kuchar

Sounds in the City – Call for Papers, Presentations and Performances

Sound System Outernational are pleased to announce our 5th event. This is taking place in Naples, Italy on the weekend of 5, 6 and 7 April 2019. Besides the usual exciting mix of researchers, practitioners and aficionados, this event will highlight the long established and vibrant sound system scene in this beautiful Italian city. More here

by Caterina Ioppi

Urban Music Policies Day 3


Welcome back everybody!

After a lively jam session on Saturday evening, there were still some more really interesting panel talks and a catchy key note being delivered on Sunday.

But let’s start from the beginning. The last day of our conference began with another round of sessions. We engaged with studies on ‘Independent Labels in Portugal’, ‘New Music Orchestras’ and ‘Scenography’, followed by more discussions. From this, some quite interesting connections between the single projects developed.

Another highlight of the conference took place on Sunday: Martin Cloonan from Turku/Finland delivered a keynote on the Music Scene in Glasgow, getting some laughs through his easy going way of talking.

After the final round of panel sessions, the conference ended with a couple of closing remarks and the opportunity to attend the network meeting to review the conference and discuss future steps.

We hope this gave you a little insight on what’s been happening last weekend at ‘Groove the City!’. Stay tuned for more conference documentaries and hopefully see you at the next Urban Music Studies conference!

Dennis Büscher-Ulbrich (Kiel): Surplus Trap: Towards a Materialist Analysis of Trap Music

Dennis Büscher-Ulbrich (Kiel): Surplus Trap: Towards a Materialist Analysis of Trap Music


Michael Kahr (Graz): Jazz & the City: Local Music in Global Context


Martin Cloonan (Turku): Glasgow Memories: Some Reflections in Being on a Scene


Sigrún Lilja Einarsdóttir (Bifröst): The City of the Dreaming Spires: Cultural Hegemony, Social Diversity and Elitism in the Oxford Collegiate Choral Context




Kwende Kefentse (London): Scenography: A Methodology for the Spatial Analysis of Music Scenes, and a Window into their Value

by Caterina Ioppi

Urban Music Policies Day 2

Hi again,

Here comes a little overview from day 2 of our conference:

Beside the interesting keynote Susana Zapke (Vienna) gave us on ‘The City as Text, The City as Melodic Imaginary Subjectivation’, various panel sessions took place, for example on ‘The (In-)formality of Street Music’ or on ‘Power and Politics’. We also discussed ‘Affected scenes’ and ‘Hip-Hop Archives and New Civic Identities’. As you can see, it has been pretty diverse and everyone got a lot of inspiration for their work!

In the evening, we left the university and went to the music school for a special concert with a local band, Brass Riot, and the trio Ensemble Megaphon from the Global Board. Both acts delivered a powerful and vibrant performance and everybody finally got to relax after this long day.

Our program ended with an artist talk on ‘Music Making and how it is Affected by Place, Moving & Seeking Refuge’ and an open jam session afterwards, which was a great opportunity for everyone to get involved in a more practical approach to music.

Susana Zapke (Vienna): The City as Text, the City as Melodic Imaginary Subjectivation


Sebastian Matthias (Berlin): Groove me – Choreographic Groove and the City


Jhessica Reia (Rio de Janeiro): Street Music, Informality, and the Right to the City A Transnational Perspective


Foyer of Musikschule


Concert with Ensemble Megaphone


Concert with Brass Riot


Artist Talk: Music Making and how it is Affected by Place, Moving & Seeking Refuge









Jam Session

by R. Kuchar

Thanks & Radio Feature ‘Groove the City’ – Conference

Dear all,

last weekend, we had a quite productive conference at Leuphana University of Lüneburg. Thanks very much to everyone who was part of it making the conference to the successful event it was!

We´d also like to thank Alexander Budde from Deutschlandradio for visiting ‘Groove the City’. The radio feature he has produced for the German radio show ‘Tonart’ you can listen to here .

by Caterina Ioppi

Urban Music Policies Day 1

Dear City Groovers!

Here are some pictures from yesterday, our first conference day.

The first guest, Will Straw, gave a keynote on Urban Music as Policy Object, and then we had the possibility to hear some sessions by

our international experts on Rap Music, Cartography and many more interesting interdisciplinary approaches.

We are looking forward to what’s coming today, including our Jam Session that’s taking place at the Music School in Lūneburg at 6.30pm.

Stay tuned for more content!

Ulf Wuggenig – Dean Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Will Straw (Montreal, Canada): Urban Music as Policy Object.

Angela Fiore & Sara Belotti (Modena, Italy): Mapping the Este Court: Urban Soundscapes of a Ducal City (XVII cent.)

Luciana Ferreira Moura Mendonca (Pernambuco, Brazil):Soundscapes, Scenes and (Con)tradi(c)tions: Music and Public Action in Recife

by R. Kuchar

Final Programme – ‘Groove the City’ – Urban Music Politics Between Informal Networks and Institutional Governance

We are very happy to announce the final programme of our conference in the end of November. Beside of the 3 Keynote speeches by Will Straw, Susana Zapke & Martin Cloonan, Groove the City conference will offer around 40 exciting paper presentations in order to discuss the field of Urban Music Studies. The conference´s special events will include the official Conference Dinner on the first night of the meeting, and on the evening of Nov. 24th, a ‘SessiOn Board’ concert and artist talk in cooperation with global board and Stiftung Niedersachsen. We are really lloking forward to three days of scientific, social and cultural exchange.

You can find the detailed conference programme here: Programme ‘Groove the City 2018’

Shortly we will also publish the conference´s book of abstracts.

by Leonard Sprueth

IASPM-US Conference / Call for Papers

For next years conference, the The International Association for the Study of Popular Music – United States will invite to New Orleans, Louisiana, March 7-10, 2019.

The Assosiaction calls for proposals for individual papers and panels on any aspect of popular music, those on the musical cultures of New Orleans; music in and of the global and local South; and music and race and resistance are especially welcomed. Thematically will be looked upon the topic of “Musical Cities: Music, Historiography, and Myth”. Possible Subdivisions here might include:

  • Cities, music, and race
  • Musical legends and apocrypha
  • Specific cities as places of musical genre origin
  • Space and place in music-making
  • New Orleans as a site of resistance, rebuilding, reconstruction, and gentrification
  • Intersectionality in musical cultures
  • Music and historiography in the context of global and local Souths
  • Religion and spirituality in musical cultures

As an interdisciplinary organization, IASPM-US is open to include work from different angles of view such as scholars of race, religion, sexuality, gender, geography, folklore, history and further more. The program’s committee consists of Kendra Preston Leonard (chair), John Dougan, Murray Forman, Shana Goldin-Perschbacher, Anthony Kwame Harrison, and Jennifer Stoever.


To find out more about formal & thematical requirements, click here!

by R. Kuchar

Preliminary Programme Online – ‘Groove the City’ – Urban Music Policies between Informal Networks and Institutional Governance

Hi there again,

after having opened registration for our conference yesterday, we are proud to announce that the preliminary programme of ‘Groove the City – Urban Music Policies between Informal Networks and Institutional Governance’ now is completed.

Have a look at Keynotes, Paper Sessions and Conference Events taking place from Nov. 23rd to 25th on the Programme Site.

Don´t forget to registrate until Oct. 15th! All information about registration you find here.

Hopefully see you in November!

The organizing committee