Nature Views and Sustainability in Rural Research: A Review


Das PoNa-Paper 2 von Lutz Laschewski ist erschienen.

"The research project “PoNa – Shaping nature: policy, politics and polity. Rural development and agricultural biotechnology between criticism and vision” is targeting two policy arenas: rural development and biotechnology in agriculture. The project is organised as a comparative German-Polish research project. Both main research themes have internationally been analysed and discussed in the domain of rural studies (rural sociology) for many years. Thus, this paper explores on the one hand, in how far PoNa may link and contribute to already existing discussions in this research area, and on the other hand in which ways PoNa may benefit from already existing theoretical developments in this field of research from its own comparative research."

Laschewski, Lutz (2011) Nature Views and Sustainability in Rural Research: A Review. In: Gottschlich, Daniela/ Mölders, Tanja (Eds.) Reihe PoNa-Paper, Lüneburg (ISSN 2191-2807)