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Second funding period of Meta-Image
October 2012 - September 2013:
The focus of Meta-Image is shifting towards optimizing the software for research in the field of Art History.


After two years of intensive preparation we are very happy to announce the public release of Meta-Image via zur Webseite prometheus. Every user of prometheus can now use Meta-Image to mark details of images, to link these details to each other or with text comments. Starting with a prometheus image collection clicking the Meta-Image button mounts the Meta-Image Editor, where motifs can be identified and marked, metadata can be added and linked image networks can be created by using Hypertext linking. An Export function generates a HTML-site where the links and connections of the finished Meta-Image project can be followed up. See short screencasts on this site to be introduced to the most important functions of Meta-Image.

Another part of the project was the renewal of the presentation-tool of prometheus. It has been enhanced by a light-table function which allows to compare images or image-details directly by juxtaposing them on a canvas.

Meta-Image is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) under the project title 'Meta-Image – A collaborative environment for image discourse' in the program Scientific Library Services and Information Systems (LIS).

We are looking forward for your feedback and your experiences with Meta-Image.