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The COPERNICUS Alliance is the European Network on Higher Education for Sustainable Development.

The vision of the COPERNICUS Alliance is to promote the role of Sustainable Development in European Higher Education to improve education and research for sustainability in partnership with society. 

Its goals are:

  • Networking: Exchanging and enhancing knowledge on Education for Sustainable Development between European Higher Education and student organizations that work for sustainability 
  • Policy: Promoting Higher Education for Sustainable Development in European policy making
  • Service: Disseminating tools for sustainability integration in higher education 
  • Outreach: Promoting sustainable development in European Higher Education 
  • Representation: Representing European Higher Education for Sustainable Development in international committees on Education for Sustainable Development 


The COPERNICUS Alliance aims to achieve above mentioned goals through a growing network of European higher education institutions and develop a platform to strengthen integration of sustainable development in higher education management, education, research and society.

The COPERNICUS Alliance is strongly dependent on the participation of its members. Based on their activities it forms an innovation network for integration of sustainable development at higher education institutions with multiple contacts and possibilities of exchange at a European level.

copernicus charta

The COPERNICUS Alliance is strongly connected to the COPERNICUS Charta. This document was developed in 1993 and until 2005 signed by 326 universities as a self commitment to follow its principles on sustainable development. At the moment it is being redesigned to state the values of COPERNICUS Alliance. Please see 'COPERNICUS Charta' section for details.